Department Facility

. Classes
  1. Classrooms and laboratories are completed with AC and LCD
  2. Internet can be accessed free of charge in ITS Campus

. Computer laboratory

  1. Department provides 150 computers using Processor Core i7 and connected to center of computer network in Statistics Department.
  2. Department also provides a licensed statistical package program such as : SAS, Minitab, SPSS, Splus and open source program R, Winbugs etc.

. Reading room

Reading room collections are books, reference books, text books, national and international journals, students research results (Undergraduate theses/Theses/Dissertations) Student Practical Work reports , Teaching staff research reports etc. The number of those collections are : text book= 3779 copies, journals = 2563 copies, Undergraduate theses = 1747 copies, Final Project (D-III) = 1309 copies, Theses = 468 copies, Dissertation = 14 copies, Practical Work reports (S1) = 873 copies, and  Practical Work reports (D-III) = 654 copies.

.Online resources

Teaching staff and students of Statistics Department are able to access some international publications from the following websites :

  3. (technometrics journal)
  4. (Science Journals)
  5. SIAM Journal – Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics).

Students association

Center for students’ activities is a center to sharpen students’ skills, such as: organization, leadership, team work, and to be professional statisticians. The name association for Sarjana(S1) Program is Statistics Students Association(HIMASTA-ITS), whereas for Diploma (D-III) Program is Statistics Diploma Students Association ( HIMADATA-ITS).

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